Lindsey Family Photo in Lexington TN <<click here>>

                 Family Letters written to Nevie after she married and move away <<click here>>

                        Ed Laster and Nevie Lindsey Marriage Certificate (on family letters page)

                 William David and Syntha Ann Blankenship <<click here>>

                 Home of William David Lindsey's Father (Jerrymyer)1 <<click here>>

            Lindsey Family Photo taken years later <<click here>>

            School Photo with Josie, Ethie2, Lessie, and Nevia <<click here>>

            Joe Milt and Josie Lindsey Phillips <<click here>>

                  Josie Lindsey Phillips (Kimble) in the 1940s <<click here>>

            Cemeteries <<click here>>


  Notes: 1/ Jerrymeyer's name spelled Jeremiah on another site. Spelling of Jerrymeyer and Jerry Meyer

                 shown on death certificates.

             2/ Ethie Lindsey's name was misspelled Effie. Correct name shown in family letters. This has been corrected.