Ed Laster and Nevia

Left to Right, William David1 Lindsey, Syntha Ann Blankenship Lindsey, Troy Lindsey, Chester A. Lindsey, Josie Lindsey

Children not in photo: Lessie, Ethie, Nevia1                              *Photo taken on Lindsey Cemetery Road

Left to right: William David Lindsey1; Syntha Ann Blankenship Lindsey; Troy Lindsey; Chester Lindsey; Josie Lindsey

Picture taken around 1915


Children not in the photo: Ethie, Lessie, and Nevia. At the time of the photo, these three are married. Nevia, the youngest

   was married in 1914. Josie, the oldest sister, was the last of the sisters to marry. Her first child was born June 1917.



Nevia Lindsey (called Nevie by family and friends) married J. Edwin Laster2 Feb 4, 1914; no children

Lessie E. Lindsey (born Dec 31, 1894, died Dec 15, 1918 accidental death) married Dee (Henry Dee ) Little June 20, 1914;

         left behind four year old boy Llawellyn (called Law William)

Chester Lindsey (born Jan 31, 1900, died Nov 27, 1920) never married, no children.

Troy Lindsey married Tressie ?, Three children William, Raymond, and Shirley

Josie Lindsey married Joe Milt Phillips; Four children, Mary Dee, George William (Bill), Pauline, and Madeline

Ethie Lindsey married Alf Phillips (Joe Milt's brother); one child Glatious


Two children died as infants:

Anna Belle (AB on grave marker) Lindsey, died at 1 month.

William Dother Lindsey, died a few days over one year.


Family letters: <<click here>>

 1. From Syntha Ann Blankenship Lindsey to daughter Nevia 1914 (Mailed in same envelope as letter from Troy)

 2. Letter from Josie Lindsey to Sister Nevia; March 11, 1914

 3. From Troy Lindsey to sister Nevia 1914

 4. From W.D. Lindsey to daughter Nevia Dec. 26,  1916

 5. From Lessie Lindsey to sister Nevia (no date)


1/ Listed as William Dother on another site. Source of William David comes from Granddaughter Mary Dee who was 10 when he died in 1928. All documents

    I have only have his initials, W.D. Lindsey.

2/ Author of Redundant Destiny, unpublished novel