Family letters:

 New: Love letter from Ed Laster to Aunt Nevie

Letter from William David to Daughter Nevie, March 11, 1914

    Small Pox is a problem in Lexington.

  Letter from William David to Daughter Nevie, 12/26/1916

    Day after Christmas Letter

    Mentions Chester.

  Letter from Lessie to Sister Nevie

  Letter from Josie to Sister Nevie, March 11, 1914

      Nevie was married on Feb 4, 1914 in Lexington and moved

        away thereafter.

 Letter from Syntha Ann to Daughter Nevie (and husband Ed) 1914

   Mentioned are Effie and husband Alf Phillips and Glatious.

   Troy to Sister Nevie, 1914

          "i got me a gal."



Lexington Tenn

March 11, 1914


Dear sister, how are  you all. Just fine I hope. I am just fine.


Nevie, I don't know what kind of a dress I will get.


Nevie, I went to a party last Friday night. You bet we had a time.


Nevie, I haven't got time to write any more this time. Papa is wanting to go and mail this letter so write soon.


Lexington Tenn 1914


Hello Nevie. How are you. I am all okay. My school is out now. what are you doing now - planning. Now the birds are singing sweet spring. Are they singing sweet spring down there?

I went to a party Friday night. I got me a gal.


I will close for this time.

From your brother


Troy Lindsey


Page 1  Lexington, Tenn

          this March 11 day 1914


Dear Daughter and Son, this leaves us all well at the present, hope you both the same. Well I received your kind letter that came to hand yesterday and was glad to hear from you all. Well, the weather is bad here. It has been snowing here. It has snowed some five days in this month. That does pretty well, don't it, for March.


Page 2 W.D. Lindsey


Listen, the small pox is as bad as ever at Lexington a right smart through the country. Well you said you was coming before long. How long is that. I don't know. I would be glad to see you both at any time so come soon as you both can. So I will close by saying write some.

  to Ed and N. Laster





Dear Daughter and Son,
  received your dear letter. Was so glad to hear from you
and to know you were well.
  I am just fine today only are about to freeze
for it is sure cold weather up here.
  I am glad you like your princess slips.
Listen, I went to the store last week and got me
2 dresses. What do you think of me?

  Will be so glad to see you when you come.
  Ethie, Alf and Glatious are just fine. They are not here today.
  Will close, answer soon.
    Your Mamma,
      to Mr and Mrs Laster.

Note: Ethie is the sister of the Mother of Mary Dee, Bill, Pauline and Madeline. Ethie married the brother of the Father of Mary Dee, Bill, Pauline, and Madeline. So Ethie's daughter Glatious is the double cousin of Mary Dee, Bill, Pauline, and Madelline.


Public Health Report, 1915

Tennessee Chattanooga Virulent Smallpox

On January 14 Surg. Creel was ordered to proceed to Chattanooga Tenn., to investigate the rumored prevalence of plague and smallpox at that place. January 16 he reported as follows regarding the situation:

      There is no evidence of plague, but small pox of an unusually virulent type prevails in Chattanooga. There has been smallpox in the city during the winter months for several years past, but the mortality of such cases has been nil in previous years.

     According to the monthly bulletin of the Chattanooga department of health, in December, 1913, there were 24 cases of smallpox, with no death; in January, 1914, 57 cases, with no death; in February, 1914, 80 cases, with no death. From January 1, 1912, to July 1, 1914, there was one death from smallpox in Chattanooga.



Page 1  Lexington Tenn

this 12.26.1916


Hello Nevie and Ed.. How are you both. Fine I hope. This leaves us all well except Chester. He has got the sore throat pretty bad. Listen, how was Xmas with you all. Fine I hope. I would a been glad you all had been  home and a Turkey dinner with me. You don't know how I would a enjoyed that. Listen, Lessie and Dee [Little] and grandson [Law William] and Ethie and G (Glatious) and Alf (Phillips) took dinner


Page 2

with us. Lessie got home Friday. They are all well. Josie1 ain't got here yet. I guess she is on the road. I am looking for them at any time. Now listen Nevie, this is the quietest Xmas I ever saw. Well it is raining here today. Well Nevie, I would a answered your letter sooner, but I thought you and Ed was coming right away. You all come just as soon as you can.


Page 3

Well I ain't done go there yet and it looks like it will be some time yet before I will. Well Nevia, grandpappa's folks is all well. Well I can't think of anything else so I will close for this time by saying write soon.

this from W.D.L.&S.A. to N.&E.



Lessie Lindsey was married to (Henry) Dee Little

Ethie Lindsey was married to Alf Phillips (Joe Milt's brother)

1/ Josie Lindsey would be arriving with husband Joe Milt Phillips


Note: Mary Dee, Bill, Pauline and Madeline were double cousins with Glatious Phillips.



Dear sister and brother, How are you all?
I am just fine this rainy day. Listen dear, I am making me a dark

red dress. Oh my you just ought to see it. I hope it will
look good to my Doll1 some of these days. ha ho. You
understand who I mean don't you.
    Guess you had better come and

help me ? You say you don't have anything to do.
Listen, I have quilted me two quilts since you left and got me another one nearly pieced ready to set to gather.
Listen, I am going to get you a dresser scarf and work it
one day this week. Don't guess you will like that much, ho!

Listen kid, that dress, I don't know what to get.
I don't know whether they will be any embroidered dresses
wore this season or not. I don't aim to get that
kind. But listen, those satin slippers are super fine.
Listen, I aim to get knit dress or satin. I don't know which.

Dear, when are you coming?
Will be so glad to see you. Everything up here is just lovely.
Tell Edd I said hello. Tell Doll I said forget me not.
So I will close for this time. I have got 4 letters to answer
tonight. One to D. and to Doll and Er Wilson C.D. So write soon
Your sister, Lessie Lindsey


1/ Lessie married H.D. Little, so he is probably "Doll" in this sentence.