Side view of home of Jerrymyer1 Lindsey (1831 to 7/14/1917) and Mary Ellen Lingold

(1838 to 01/01/1911)

Both are buried in Lindsey Cemetery. Jerry Myer is the son of

Jerry Myer Lindsey and Rachel Hancock.


Stories told by Granddaughter Nevie Lindsey:

   During the Civil War, a group of six to ten northern soldiers in  uniform rode up

to the house. The men in the family hid in the woods for fear of being killed or taken

prisoner. The soldiers behaved properly but asked that they be given

dinner, which the women provided. The family was greatly relieved when the soldiers

rode away.

   Nevie remembers the home as quite lovely

with double french doors on the front. Photo taken in the 1970s. House is no

longer standing.


   Jerry Lindsey met his wife after winning a prize at the Tennessee State Fair and

then traveling to Detroit for a higher level competition. He met Ellen Lingold

at the fair, fell in love, and they were married. Ellen Lingold was Jewish, according

to the story, and her family disowned her for marrying outside the faith.


True or False? Any comments are welcome.

1/ Name as spelled on death certificate. Other sources have his name as

Jeremiah. On his son's (W.D. Lindsey) death certificate, his name is shown simply as

Jerry. Grave marker has J.L. Lindsey.