Photo: Taken about 1930 when Opal was 12 years old.
Alice Jane Treece's mother with grandchildren and great grandchildren:

Left to right: Marley Kemp (friend); Harry Bradshore (Opal's cousin); Marley Kemp's wife;
Ina Bradshore Treece (Opal's cousin); Opal Treece (in front of Grandma Treece);
Mary Elizabeth (or Mary Isabelle) Treece, (Opal's Grandmother); Atrele (Cragus Riley's wife);
Arvenia (Veni), (Opal's Mother); JD Treece, in front of Arvenia, (Opal's brother);
Cragus Riley; Boone Treece (Opal's Father); Wilma, in front of Boone, (Opal's sister);
Jack Cunningham (oldest son of Alice Jane and William Wilson).