Family photo, 1911, in Caruthersville <<click here>>

      Family photo, William Wilson, Alice Jane and Other Cunninghams (1924) <<click here>>

      Charlie Wheeler, Ruth Wheeler Cunningham, son Delmar (Chuck) <<click here>>

                 Mother and Father of Alice Jane Treece <<click here>>

                 History of the Treece Family (added Sept 2015) <<click here>>

                 Alice Jane Treece Cunningham's Mother <<click here>>

                 Mary Elizabeth Treece with Grandchildren <<click here>>

      Children of William Wilson Cunningham and Alice Jane Treece <<click here>>

      Tracing Our Cunningham History (Five Brothers) <<click here>>

    Cunningham Family tree posted June 12 2015, back to Ulster without corrections (pdf)<<click here>>

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Treece Family Tree info: