Cunningham Family Photo, taken in Caruthersville, MO in 1911 on East 11th Street (house still standing as of Sep 2011 but

   difficult to recognize because of changes portch)

Seated in the middle of the photo with suit, tie and beard with Unknown child on lap is Green Berry Cunningham


Front Row from left to right: Joseph Luten (Joe) Cunningham (child born Jan 2, 1910), Alice Jane Treece Cunningham (standing holding son Joseph), Esther Helen Cunningham (standing - born Feb 25, 1907), William Wilson (Will or Willy) Cunningham, husband of Alice Jane Treece (behind daughter Esther); Oscar Turner Martin (seated - husband of Carrie Eunice Cunningham); Bertha; Elie (wife of George); George holding George Jr.


Second Row: Frances (Mary Frances dau of Will and Alice?); Unknown girl with scarf; Mildred (circular braids, white sweater or dress with hand on shoulder of girl next to her); Ethel (print dress white collar); Mae (hands clasped in front of her); Edna; Earl (smaller child in front of Edna); Carl (white collar); Unknown girl standing in front of pillar.


Third Row: Hugh (Dad-Dad); Unknown woman (with Hugh?); Ophelia (Harry's Wife); Harry (left of porch pillar); Eunice holding Baby Charles; Clara; Flora (girl with hand above eyes); Unknown man with side turned toward camera; Leslie Reed (Bertha's son); Eddie Martin (Clara's son).


Boys sitting on barrel: Joe (on left); Frank (on right).


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